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Saint Isaac's Cathedral CubicFun MC122h 3D Puzzle 105 Pieces
Saint Isaac'S Cadral CubicFun MC122h 3D Puzzle 105 Pieces

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Saint Isaac's Cathedral stands in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is the fourth largest cathedral in the world. The church was built in 1858 and dedicated to St. Issac of Dalmatia, but was turned into a museum by the Soviet regime in 1931.

This 3D puzzle is part of the Word's Great Architecture series, of which the MC collection is known for extensive attention to detail and amazing realism. The original building's history is shown in one leaflet, and another illustrated guide is included to help with assembly. During assembly, details of structure and support are shown, and the various stages of assembly follow the path of construction.

The experience is engrossing and interesting, with participants exercising manual and intellectual skills while seeing a beautiful building complex rise before their eyes. Sequencing, spatial manipulation, weight and load bearing properties, and many other facets of real-world construction are invilved in this entertining creative experience.

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