Hundreds of quality 3-D puzzles for all levels
Have a passion for medieval towers and castles? A yen for space travel? Hankering to engineer some old-world architecture or modern military aircraft? 3-D Puzzle Place stocks hundreds of quality puzzles to suit any interest and age level.

Oh, the places you’ll go!
Explore the world of 3-D puzzles, and get to know your favorite landmarks from an entirely new angle. Recreating the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Golden Gate Bridge and other famous places is a challenge that leaves you with a lasting feeling of achievement. . Best of all, you can build ‘em over and over again.

Oh, the magic you’ll build!
For lots of kids (and adults!), creating is more than a fun thing to do when you’re bored; it’s a need. Video games provide fleeting stimulation, but bright kids need more. They thrive on that aha! moment, when they discover the-little-piece-that-fits-perfectly. They crave the tactile experience of adding piece-by-piece.. until the edifice is complete. Go ahead.. gift those clever people in your life with the brain-food they love!

Oh, the skills that you’ll boost!
Kids develop so many skills while solving a 3-D puzzle, it rivals a therapy session! Finding, sorting and placing the puzzle pieces improves visual discrimination, visual spatial perception, and fine motor coordination, for starters. They’ll also need to follow directions, sequence correctly and focus intensely. The nice part is they won’t even notice how hard they’re working!

Need help piecing together your order?
There’s nothing we’d rather do than talk about puzzles! We’ll help you select that perfect gift for yourself or someone special to you. So feel free to contact us at or (1-908-3-PUZZLE) and get great service from an English-speaking representative in our New York office.

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